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Burton Rambling Club

Walks in Staffordshire, Derbyshire,
the National Forest and the Peak District

What to Bring

You will need a packed lunch and drinks on all daytime walks that start before lunch time, unless otherwise stated on the programme.  A small rucksack is useful to carry everything in.

Always wear suitable clothing for the conditions that are likely to be prevailing on the walks you are on.

You must have adequate waterproof clothing, you must have clothing with sufficient insulation for the conditions expected and you must have footwear that will provide grip, support and waterproofing.

A hat may be needed in very sunny conditions, along with a suitable sunscreen and extra drink.

For some walks we meet at Burton Town Hall  generally sharing cars whenever possible. Passengers are asked to consider making a voluntary contribution of 7p per mile (round trip) towards the driver's travel costs.  The leader of the walk will calculate the amount and let you know how much this is.

If you prefer to go straight to the starting point of the walk, telephone 07724 352 529 or send an email requesting to be put onto our email lists.  You will then be kept up to date with changes to the programme, new events and locations of walk starting points.

Contact as appropriate:

Saturday walks:  saturdaywalks@burtonramblers.org.uk

Sunday walks:  sundaywalks@burtonramblers.org.uk

Monday walks:  mondaywalks@burtonramblers.org.uk

Wednesday walks: wednesdaywalks@burtonramblers.org.uk