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Burton Rambling Club

Walks in Staffordshire, Derbyshire,
the National Forest and the Peak District

Advice for walkers:

  1. The leader is always in charge.
  2. Please make sure that you are fit enough to undertake the walk you intend to join.
  3. You can help the leader by not going out too far in front and by not dropping too far behind. Avoid losing sight of the party. If you go so far in front of the leader that you lose the group, the leader will no longer be responsible for you.
  4. You will generally need to take food and drink on all rambles but sometimes the programme details make it clear that food will not be needed.
  5. Always wear suitable clothing for the conditions that are likely to be prevailing on the walks you are on. Hazards include heatstroke and hypothermia. You must have adequate waterproof clothing, you must have clothing with sufficient insulation for the conditions expected and you must have footwear that will provide grip, support and waterproofing. A hat will be needed in very sunny conditions, along with a suitable sunscreen and extra drinks. The leader of the walk can refuse to take someone who not correctly equipped if it is likely to cause problems.
  6. Be constantly aware of conditions under foot. Mud, slopes, ice, snow, rivers, canals and streams, tree roots, rough undergrowth, rocky or stony ground, can all present hazards that can lead to falls and injury. Take especial care when negotiating any hazards. Use walking poles if you consider they may help. Pass on warnings to those behind you.
  7. Take care when climbing stiles or gates. Mud or ice on stiles and gates can cause slips, falls and injury.
  8. Walk in single file through ploughed or sown fields and in mowing grass.
  9. Livestock in a field can be a hazard. Be especially careful when there is a bull in a field with cows and when there are cows with calves. Walk so that you do not go between a cow and its calf or between a bull and his cows. Adders can be a hazard in some areas, especially if you walk off path. Seek medical treatment if bitten.
  10. Do not climb walls or fences.
  11. When walking on roads keep to the right unless it is not safe to do so. Follow the leader’s instructions on this. Warn others in the group about approaching traffic.
  12. Always follow the right of way; trespassing will bring the club into disrepute.
  13. Keep the gates as they were and pass the message back.
  14. If you intend to leave a walk, please inform the leader.
  15. No dogs are allowed on walks.
  16. The countryside can be an unhygienic place. Use antiseptic gels or wipes before eating whilst on a ramble.
  17. In case of emergencies, make sure that you carry identification and include contact details of next-of-kin.
  18. Everyone should carry a small first aid kit. In remote country this may include a waterproof bivvy bag or space blanket.
  19. Any accidents, however minor, should be reported to the leader.
  20. Always follow the Countryside Code.